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Gudao Baicha 古道白茶/White Tea from Qionglai, Sichuan

Fall 2017

 This tea ages great! It will, under good storage conditions continue to develop more and more complex flavours without losing any of it’s beauty!

What to expect: very colourful rather big leaves with a few small buds, not rolled or pressed, therefore very big leaves, 100g come in two 50g bags.

Brewing tips: 4g of tea leaves steeped in 85°C to 90°C water,
4 to 5 brews and keep going if you dare!

Rivers and Clouds 2017 Sichuan White is a very unique White tea made after the tradition of the local Qiang minority farm workers on our 80 years old organic certified tea farm. Grown on 1600 meters altitude on the old way from Chengdu up towards Tibet in Qionglai prefecture. 

It’s a tea that ages perfectly. I forgot about my first batch I got four years ago and found the bags again last fall - it had turned no joke into the best white tea I've ever had. Try it. Fresh it is a mild and fragrant still quite typical white tea, similar to a Baimudan, but with a little more honey fragrance. But let it sit for three to four years and it adds a lot of aroma and the sweetness evolves to one of almost caramelized honey and magnolia. My favourite tea for cold winter days, but just as good as a cold brew in water or good vodka in summer. And a real pleasure to the eye. Never seen that many different colours in a tea!

Also not a big hassle to brew it decently. Even though gongfu style is more than worth it as it helps this tea unfold all it's beauty, a traditional big English tea pot won't kill it neither. It doesn't go bitter, whatever you do with it. Nor too strong.

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