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Mixiang 蜜香/Black Tea from Pu'er, Yunnan
Spring 2016
Roasted nuts, dark chocolate
What to expect: matte dark brown leaves, with golden buds
Brewing tips: 3g of tea leaves steeped in 85°C water
45 sec / 20 sec / 20 sec / 35 sec and keep going if you dare!


The spring of 2016 was an interesting season for finest quality Yunnan teas. A very mild winter and unusually long foggy and cloudy periods in early spring helped our producer in Pu’er city make some of the sweetest while mildest black teas we have tasted so far. And this Honey Black - a Golden bud Yunnan black tea produced the Taiwanese way by our tea master Dan Ni - made of the finest assorted one leaf / one bud available from our plantation’s approximately 800-year old semi-wild grown trees, captures the essence of it.

Our 2016 Golden Tip Honey Black is the highest grade of our Honey Blacks, more complex than a Pure Gold while sweeter, more floral and far finer than any other grade of traditional dianhong teas, this tea is a classic. And it is roasted to perfection.
This floral sweetness floats above a warm base of nuts and dark chocolate, the full golden colour of the brew does keep what it promises - and all this without a hint of bitterness or astringency, basically no matter how you brew it.

Sure, the more refined the brewing technique, the more this tea can shine, there is a lot of potential. Try it yourself!

Only limited quantities left, so hurry to claim your bag of this masterpiece!

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