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Wulong Hongcha 乌龙红茶 / Black Tea from Jingmaishan, Yunnan

March 2019

Dark chocolate, rye, floral

What to expect: matte dark brown leaves, with a few golden buds

Brewing tips: 3g of tea leaves steeped in 85°C water
4 to 5 brews and keep going if you dare!

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Our 2019 Oolong Black is a tea that is very hard to put into a category – somewhere between traditional Oolong and Black Tea.

It is technically a Dianhong, an Yunnan black tea, as it is made of hand selected first flush, pre-Qingming festival leaves of old Yunnan big leaved tea trees on beautiful Jingmaishan and fully oxidized. But it has gone through the full, complicated processing path of a handmade traditional Taiwanese style oolong, as that’s where Dan Ni, our producer, learned a lot of his craft from some of the best oolong producers around.

This processing gives it a taste much more refined than most dianhong teas, with a wide array of subtle floral notes, a light sweetness and a distinct but not overpowering bottom note of raw cocoa. Not what we would expect from an Yunnan black tea!

A tea for black tea lovers who think they tried everything, for oolong lovers looking for a black tea or for anyone else who wants to try a very interesting new creation.

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