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Mixiang 蜜香/Black Tea from Jingmaishan, Yunnan

300+ years old trees

Picked in March 2019
Grains, nuts, malt, tobacco, assam tea, honey
What to expect: matte black curly leaves, with golden buds
Brewing tips: 3-5g of tea leaves steeped in 85°C water, 90-95 is an interesting range as well. Very different results with different water!
45 sec / 20 sec / 25 sec / 35 sec and keep going if you dare!

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Our classic. The signature tea of Dan Ni, our Yunnan tea master! He did not manage to make any of these wonderful teas in the years since 2016, but finally found the time again to make a batch for us – and it’s just the same wonderfully warm and full-bodied beauty that we had had missed so dearly.

It is a tea for everyday use just as much as to enjoy it on a Sunday, just gives enough punch without the lightest bit of adstringency, light hints of tobacco without any bitterness, no matter how you prepare it, beautiful in a classic big teapot – and a lot of decent brews if you choose to gongfu-brew it.

It is made like a Taiwanese honey black/mixiang black tea (shorter but hotter roasting), but with leaves from trees more than 300 years old on the spectacular and perfectly natural semi-wild tea gardens 1800m up on Jingmaishan normally used for high-end pu’er.

Our bestselling black tea. Try it to see why!

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