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Meigui Chuanhong 玫瑰川红

April 2019

Our Old Tree Black mixed with rose petals

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When I started this project, one of my many unbreakable principles was I don’t want any scented tea nor blends. Just as clear as that. But our Sichuan partner Mr Deng made this – and it’s worth it.

It’s the same material as our Old Tree Black, mixed with rose petals from wild grown roses that actually grow between the tea bushes. Is that still scented? We decided to close both eyes and say no. Because it’s actually good. It has a nicely round, nutty body with a very pleasant top note of wild roses.

Maybe this is how you can get your mum into high quality tea? It worked for mine.

Also amazing for cold brews in summer, guaranteed pesticide free and awesome.

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