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Yueguangbaiya 月光白牙, White Tea from Gaoligong Shan, Baoshan, Yunnan/

Picked in March 2019/

magnolia, cedar, butter cream/

What to expect: silver needle-style, very large pure white leaf buds, picked before Qingming Festival/

Brewing tips: 5g of tea leaves in 90°C water (100ml)
6 brews and keep going if you dare!

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Our 2019 Moonlight White Bud is probably the best white tea we ever tried. The rather late harvest and therefore long pre-harvest growth period at low temperatures this particular year have created the longest still fully losed buds we have ever seen, making this tea, picked from old, wild-grown trees, almost a whole new category of white tea. Made like a traditional high-end Silver Needles (Yinzhen) from Fujian province instead of the slightly older and more open buds most Moonlight White (Yueguangbai) teas from Yunnan are made of, this tea is basically perfect.

It is not only stunningly beautiful to look at and smells like a magnolia tree in full bloom, it is also a whole new experience in terms of taste. Much more flavourful and thicker in mouthfeel than most Silver Needles but milder, or less edgy, than a White Peony (Baimudan), this is one not to miss for all white tea lovers – and basically anybody else. I have not had a customer who did not like this tea.

Also, if you let it age for a few more years, it will be a completely new experience again, as we expect this tea to age perfectly. The little bit that remains from our 2016 shipment has developed a lot already and I believe this one will be even better.

This is a beautiful tea for cold brews or to create infusion with alcoholic beverages as well as almost any hot brew technique – it’s pretty much impossible to destroy. Though finer, lighter and quite complex at 80°C, it becomes thicker, creamier and to our taste just right at 90°C but even brewed at boiling point it still is a wonderful exprience.

Tip: try some different waters to brew – you will be surprised how much it changes!

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