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Gushu Shou Pu’er

Menghai, Yunnan

Picked in March 2008

bog oak, tar, fresh birch shoots, leather, cold brew coffee

Available either in a full 197g-cake or per g (5g or more).

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An old favourite that has been in my storage for many years. From a very clean plantation of gushu (about 300 years) old trees in the middle of Menghai region’s old tea area, this strong shou is, in the beginning, not something for the faint hearted. But it’s got power. And the more you drink of it, the better and rounder and more beautiful it gets under the first layers. Like a fresh birch shoot slowly growing out of the bog and developing a lot of warmth on the back side. It’s got minerals, it’s got adstringency – and yet it has a strange beauty and a great huigan that stays forever.

Not many pu’er makers use high quality gushu tea trees to make shou pu’er. For a long time they thought it’s a waste, as shou was said to not age much and rather loose taste and value. None of those things happen and this is a good example. After 12 years this tea has just started to develop all it’s power.

A tea for those who miss the good old kick in the face a coffee can give them – and still don’t want to go back – and it gives a super generous tea high and beautiful aftertaste for those who dare.

I love it!

It was originally packed in paper bags of 1 kg each without internat wrappers, therefore I give it a simple wrapping. The mark is still in, not saying much but showing it as one of a batch of strong, quality Menghai pu’ers Dan Ni once designed for his brand.

A sheng version of the same leaves is in stock too. Great to compare!

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