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Gushu Sheng Pu’er

Menghai, Yunnan

Picked in March 2008

white mushroom, tobacco, nettle, darjeeling, porcini, monsoon rain

Available either in a full 197g-cake or per g (5g or more).

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An old favourite that has been in my storage for many years. From a very clean plantation of gushu (about 300 years) old trees in the middle of Menghai region’s old tea area, this strong and wild sheng pu’er is something for the knowing, not so much a beginners’ tea, but rather for those who are looking for the most bang for the buck – a deeply powerful tea with some adstringency, a deep green and some mineral notes.

It was originally packed in paper bags of 1 kg each without internat wrappers, therefore I give it a simple wrapping. The mark is still in, not saying much but showing it as one of a batch of strong, quality Menghai pu’ers Dan Ni once designed for his brand.

Tasting notes of our last sessions:

field mushroom (agaricus campestris), nettle, second flush darjeeling, deeply mineral adstringency, liquorice root, porcini, warm monsoon rain – quickly turning into deep tobacco and some leather.

Not so much a tea to impress your non-pu’er drinker friends with, but one to get high on and drink 12 and more brews of, get more and more attached to and then love the huigan (sweet aftertaste) for the next hour.

A shou version of the same leaves is available too, so you can compare sheng and shou processing of the same leaves!

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