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Mixiang 蜜香/Black Tea from Jingmaishan, Yunnan

300+ years old trees

Picked in October 2018
malt, grains, nuts, tobacco, assam tea, honey
What to expect: big, uneven matte black curly leaves, with a few golden buds
Brewing tips: 3-5g of tea leaves steeped in 85°C water, 90-95 is an interesting range as well. Very different results with different water!
45 sec / 20 sec / 25 sec / 35 sec and keep going if you dare!

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This is the fall pick version of our classic Honey Black, from the same 300 years old tea trees on top of Jingmaishan, a famous old tea mountain on the border to Burma. Quite a rarity, as not many producers here dare to make black tea with these uneven and quite wild leaves – normally this region only sees an early spring pick. But Dan Ni, our producer, found out that the bigger and stronger the leaf, the hotter and therefore briefer he can roast it. While normal black teas are roasted between 80 and 120 degrees, honey blacks, a tradition from Taiwan, take about 150 and more. This though is roasted at far above 200 degrees, a temperature that would kill most finer, thinner leaves. These get just right. If you love a good Assam but want a tea that still has zero bitterness and quite a bit more complexity, try this!

No matter how you prepare it, it is beautiful in a classic big teapot and gives a lot of decent brews if you choose to gongfu-brew it. Try it out, we love this tea since ages, but I guess it’s the name that didn’t sell it well enough, so I never bothered to upload it. Don’t worry, it’s beatiful and absolutely deserves it’s place here.


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