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Mixiang 蜜香/Black Tea from Pu’er, Yunnan
Vintage: Spring 2016
Roasted grains, nuts, malt, hint of honey
What to expect: matte dark brown leaves, with golden buds
Brewing tips: 3g of tea leaves steeped in 85°C water
45 sec / 20 sec / 20 sec / 35 sec and keep going if you dare!

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Not every tea loses flavour with age – we already forgot about the beauty of this fine handcrafted black tea and believed it to be far too old – but after leaving it stored away for 3 years already now, it developed a whole new layer of flavours. A beautiful day for every occasion, rounded, malty and quite complex!

Here the original text:

Our 2016 Roasted Honey Black is possibly one of the greatest all-rounder black teas you can find out there. Wonderful for the daily cup of tea, even with milk a very pleasant experience, while also proving it’s qualities in gongfu-style brewing, it doesn’t lose much flavour up to the sixth or seventh brew.

It is made of leaves of the same 300 to 800-years-old high altitude-grown trees our Golden Tips Honey Black and Smoked Honey Black are picked from, but what makes this tea special is the roasting. By, in comparison to the roasting process of traditional Dianhong style black tea, increasing temperature while decreasing roasting time, the tea gets a whole new layer of roasting aroma while preserving a lot more of it’s freshness and sweetness.

This is how it all started. Try it yourself to see why!

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