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Mixiang 蜜香/Black Tea from Pu’er, Yunnan
Vintage: March 2016
Thick, warm malt, acacia honey
What to expect: matte dark brown leaves, with many golden buds
Brewing tips: 3g of tea leaves steeped in 85°C water
45 sec / 30 sec / 30 sec / 35 sec and keep going if you dare!

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Not every tea loses flavour with age – Just as with out Vintage Honey Black No.3 we already forgot about the beauty of this fine handcrafted black tea and believed it to be far too old – but after leaving it stored away for 5 years already now, it developed a whole new layer of flavours. A beautiful tea for every occasion, rounded, malty and quite complex!

Just as our other Honey Blacks it was created by our friend and tea master Dan Ni from 300+ years old semi wild-grown trees in the undergrowth of the rainforest on Jingmaishan, a mountain of about 1800 meters height on the border between Yunnan and Burma.

It originally was the higher quality version of the Honey Black, but while it thickened and gained an even sweeter and much more malty flavour than the fresh tea, which makes it an extremely pleasant daily drinker just as much as a great quality tea for special occasions, it did not reach the complexity and fineness of our Honey Black N° 3, which originally was the lower quality variety.

This mostly comes due to the same reason some red wines age better than others – tannins. While older, bigger deep black oxidized leaves hold rather high amounts of tannins, the golden buds that make out the higher value and quality of many high-end fresh teas actually make them age less well.

Therefore we sell this tea as the lower end of our Honey Black range. It is the sweetest, most mild and most calming version of the range, just does’t have all that much top end complexity the others have.

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