2014 Jingmaishan Sheng Pu’er Dragonballs

€ 41.67/100g

Sheng Pu’er

Jingmaishan, Yunnan

Picked in March 2014

nettles, tobacco, nuts and herbs

As small Longqiu/”Dragonball” shaped 6g piece of pu’er, perfect for portioning in 100 to 200 ml vessels

2,50 incl. VAT

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Another old favourite of mine, from the Jingmaishan plantation we also get our Honey Black from – a 2014 sheng pu’er that has become one of my favourites – for the price of an easy daily drinker. Really full of complex flavours, some tobacco, many different greens, yet a warmth and roundness only a very well-aged sheng pu’er can reach. It’s from younger plants, therefore not as powerful as some of the old tree pu’ers can be, but it still has more than enough depth, so this is an easy 8 out of 10 rating sheng for me. And thanks to it’s ball shape, it’s much easier to prepare. No breaking of cakes, still well-compressed for better aging and storage.

Jingmaishan is one of the most famous tea mountains in Yunnan, known for it’s gorgeous old-growth trees hidden in the undergrowth of a rainforest and it’s wooden stilt house villages and old temples of the Dai and Bulang people. It’s tea is praised for it’s mild yet complex, well-rounded flavours, of which this is a very good example.

A great tea for a great price, only as long as stocks last, as this hasn’t been produced again since 2014. So get your stock now!

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