100 Ml Porcelain Gaiwan By Ye Minzhi

This is probably the best gaiwan you can find.

Designed by our good old friend and amazing ceramics artist Ye Minzhi, machine-pressed by a factory in the old Chinese porcelain capital of Jingdezhen, the rims masterfully worked out by hand to be paper-thin yet perfectly stable by an old master, then finely glazed, this gaiwan is stunningly beautiful, so thin light shines through it with ease and at the same time the best to use tool you could possibly want to brew almost any type of tea: the perfectly worked lid is easy to control and not too big, the rim thin enough and far out so you will never again burn your fingers… We love it since the first day we saw one and are proud to be able to offer these beauties in our shop to a fair price. Not many left – but we will order more for sure.

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