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Join us for a trip to the plantations!

After an adventurous and quite successful trip this year, we will in spring 2020 once again take a small group of customers with us to the plantations. Let us know if you are interested!

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The road up to our Sichuan plantation, where we will stay for about a week to learn how to grow high-end organic tea!

The road up to our Sichuan plantation, where we will stay for about a week to learn how to grow high-end organic tea!



See where our tea comes from




rivers and clouds is a tea shop focusing on curated selection of Chinese tea. We run a tea shop in the medieval old town of Lübeck, Germany.
Our name derives from Sichuan (四川 sì chuán = four rivers) and Yunnan (云南 = south of the clouds), the provinces we primarily focus on for sourcing our teas.

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lübeck - our shop


In the beautifully preserved old harbour city of Lübeck in a medieval shipper’s house that we are carefully restoring to preserve the many traces of it’s more than 700 years of history you can find our lab, storage and a little tea shop space/tea room. If you should be around, you are more than welcome to come by for a little tea tasting and, if we have time, a quick tour of our facilities.

We normally try to maintain the following opening hours:

Thursday to Saturday 11am to 6 pm.

We are at the house more often, if these times should not suit you, please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to make an appointment.

Here we also offer full tea seminars for 2 to 6, if you are one group up to 12 people. We regularly offer tea basics seminars where we give some general knowledge as well as seminars about more in-detail topics such as single types of tea, regions, teaware and others - feel free to let us know what you’d like to learn about!

With small groups we like to give these downstairs in the shop, for bigger groups we haver a seminar room upstairs in the beautiful 18th century living quarters.

Prices are regularly 25 € per person including a 15 € tea voucher, group prices can be discussed. Yes, we do gift cards for these seminars.


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Commercial customers

Are you a tea shop owner looking for highest quality rare tea specialities guaranteed free of pollutants, made under fair labour conditions, straight from the plantations in China?

A café, teahouse, coffee roaster etc. who wants to serve loose leaf tea just as good as their hand roasted coffee?

Looking for special teas as a cocktail basis, the best milk tea recipe in the world or loose leaf tea for the special punch in your baking?

A specialty food or design shop looking for a brand of tea that suits the fine assortment of goods in your shelves?

You need tips how to implement loose leaf tea serving instead of tea bags? Looking for tea seminars for your staff or customers?

We are happy to help you, in Germany and basically anywhere else!

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